Split Peaches
Split Peaches

Split Peaches

Although intimidating and concerning these are very common and this post is meant to explain exactly what is happening when it comes to split peaches. We hope that this post will help to ease concerns and help to inform people about the natural fruit phenomena that happen on an orchard.

What is Happening?

Splits in peaches are very common especially in our early varieties of peaches. You will usually spot the splits at the very top of the peach near or around the stem. The splits can be caused from a variety of factors.

The most common being a “split stone”. This is caused when the peach begins to ripen and grow, the stone will stay with the flesh causing the pit to split and crack on the top if they become too large or grow too quickly. Heavy rain, irrigation, heat, late frost, or excessive/early thinning can also play a large role.

What you can do

Try to keep your peaches in a drier area as they are now going to absorb all of the moisture directly into the split, leading into the pit. This may cause the pit to become damaged and mold. This being said, we do not want you to worry. When opening your peach, simply scoop the pit out and the rest of your peach will be ripe, tasty, and unharmed.

A special recommendation from our staff and family is to create a new little recipe with these split stone peaches. Our staff enjoys using these peaches, scooping out the pit and creating mini ice cream bowls. Personally we enjoy a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a little caramel sauce and whipped cream. When you are done the ice cream, you get to eat the bowl!

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