Fortunato Fruits


Q: Where is the fruit from?

We proudly grow our own fruit in Oliver BC which is located in the Southern Okanagan. Anything we don’t grow ourselves we know the farmer personally, the majority of the time it will be our own neighbors. Support local! Keep an eye out for us and stop by to pay us a visit, if you’re lucky enough to catch Linda she will gladly give you a tour!

Q: Do you grow your own fruit?

We sure do, view the question above for more detail!

Q: What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or cheque at all of our stands.

Q: Is your fruit organic?

We are not. We do try to spray as minimally as possible only spraying when it is absolutely required. Organic fruit is very difficult and expensive to grow, however, we do not want to spray just for the sake of spraying. We also do not spray for the “look” more rather to eliminate bugs and damaged trees such as for blight or aphids. In fact, the pesticides we use are all organic based, the fertilizers are the only non-organic item we use.

Q: Is your fruit Genetically Modified (GMO)?

Not at all. Nor do we ever plan on having or even carrying GMO fruit. We believe that the bumps, bruises, and scars can still make a perfect fruit.

Q: When is the canning season?

That will differ from season to season. Generally, it will be whenever the fruit you are choosing to can is in “peak season”. We like to keep our Facebook and Instagram pages up to date as to when that is. We are also working on information pages for each fruit and their peak seasons.

Q: What is the best fruit for canning?

You are able to can pretty much any fruit. The most popular being peaches, we highly suggest canning the Freestone Red Haven Summer Peach. Though you are able to can other types of peaches they will be cling or semi-freestone rather than your typical freestone peach. A later fall variety we carry is the Glohaven, a beautiful yellow coloured peach.