Fortunato Fruits



All produce sold by Fortunato Fruits is guaranteed to be fresh produce from the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. We put lots of care into each and every box. However, due to the inability to see into the fruit there are issues that we may not anticipate. If our produce is found to be damaged or the quality is substandard (view below), the customer must return the issued fruit to the Fortunato Fruits location of purchase within 1 week (due to fruit being a perishable we allow this window) of the purchase date for replacement. The employee at our stand will then inspect and evaluate whether we are able to replace. Replacement will be based on the judgment of the employee.

What is covered:

  • Brown/Black Inside
  • Freestone Difficulty – If a fruit is freestone and does not come off the pit when fully ripe, we replace it!
  • Dryness – If a fruit (excluding Quince) is dry on the inside and has no sign of juice, we will replace it.
  • Spoiling – Must be within a week of purchase
  • Apple Juice – Damaged seal on bag tap may cause premature spoiling.
  • Dried Fruit – The original seal needs to be intact and untampered

What is not covered:

  • Bruising – All case lids are removed and baskets are in clear bags, be sure to inspect beforehand
  • Skin Damage/“Imperfect” Fruit – ie. any scarring, shape deformity, etc. that does not affect the quality or edibility of the fruit. We are not a grocery store – imperfections are embraced!
  • Customer Error – ie. blanching, soaking in acid, canned, baked, left in direct sunlight, frozen, etc.
  • Variety Factors – ie. Fall peaches (typically available in September) tend to be more mealy and a different texture than the summer peaches, Bing and Titan cherries are large but very soft, Early Redhaven peaches are very small in size, etc.
  • End of Season – If a fruit is at its season end, we can no longer guarantee that fruit. We also cannot guarantee any fruit on our final week of the season.

Please note: Any produce not grown by Fortunato Fruits (ie. Tomatoes, vegetables, melons, and berries) are not guaranteed. If you have any concerns or questions regarding our produce please contact Fortunato Fruits or come to one of our locations.


Orders and sales inquiries can be placed via private message on our Facebook page, Instagram page, or through the corresponding forms here on our website. A Fortunato Fruits representative will confirm the customer’s orders by phone or email on Sunday’s and Monday’s. For guaranteed delivery, orders need be placed by the Saturday prior to the week you wish to pick up.


All prices provided or quoted by Fortunato Fruits are subject to change without notice. Prices for a customer’s orders will be established and guaranteed at the time of acceptance by Fortunato Fruits. Prices for back-ordered produce is not guaranteed.


All sales are to be paid by cash or cheque. If other payment options are required please contact Fortunato Fruits to determine what options are available.

Packing Policy

All produce is carefully inspected, sorted, and packed by hand prior to each shipment. This ensures that only quality Okanagan produce is provided to our valued customers. Before our produce is delivered to the customer each container is individually inspected to ensure that the produce still meets the high-quality standards that our customers deserve. If our produce does not meet our customer’s satisfaction it may be returned for replacement. Please view our “Guarentee” section for more information.