All about Quince
All about Quince

All about Quince

Quince is a very tough, bitter, and dry European fruit when it is eaten raw. However, Quince can be used in so many recipes, view below to see more information! Our family has a few trees out in our family orchard planted by Lindas mother and father.

Quince being a fall/winter fruit are available even when the snow hits the ground – They are a beautiful yellow colour when fully ripe

What you can do with Quince

Quince fruit makes some really wonderful recipes including: Jelly, marmalade, jam, membrillo, and so much more!

A fairly unknown but traditional method in our household is as an air freshener. Quince give off a beautiful strong aroma that can fill a room while also absorbing unwanted odours. As the fruit itself spoils, it keeps shape, gives off no foul odour, and is easily disposable.

Our Quince jelly available at our stands – They differ in colour depending on fruit ripeness, cook time, and setting time!

Where you can buy Quince

Right from us! Quince is usually available within the last 2 weeks of our season – mid to end of September. We also sell Quince jelly all season long. Be sure to stop by and grab a jar!

How our Quince look when available at our stands – usually green/light yellow and still covered in fuzz

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