Crystallizing Honey
Crystallizing Honey

Crystallizing Honey

Ever notice your honey forming strange white crystals along the bottom of the jar? Do not feel concerned, this is a good sign! Our honey is 100% pure, natural, no additives, no preservatives, non-pasteurized, all that good stuff. Crystallization takes place due to the amount of natural sugar to water ratio.

How does honey crystalize?

Honey is a highly concentrated sugar solution (and a wonderful natural sugar substitute at that). As seen in the diagram above it is composed of more than 70% sugar and less than 20% water. Thus means that the water in honey contains more sugar than it can normally hold, causing the honey to be unstable.

Does crystalized honey mean it is old?

Not at all!

Different types of honey will crystallize at different rates. Some honey crystallizes within a few weeks after extraction from the combs, whereas others remain liquid for months or years. The following factors influence
the speed of crystallization:
(i) the nectar source collected by bees (the sugar composition of honey),
(ii) the methods in which honey is handled (processed) and
(iii) the temperature in preservation.

For more information give this paper a read:

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